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Creative Webcam Live Pro


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I went to Creative to get drivers for my webcam, it shows a section for Vista, and my camera, but when i click them, it says drivers can't be found.

Can I install XP drivers in Vista? They said there is no development planned for this certain webcam too....


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I thought the file couldn't be found on the webserver.
Now I see you meant drivers while installing hardware.

Sorry, Mondays....

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I managed to install my Quick Cam Pro 4000, using lastest drivers for XP: the webcam is installed correclty but doesn't work at all. I then installed Vista compatible drivers for the Quick Cam Pro 5000 et voila, my QCP4000 works like a charm :eek:)


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Yea I tryed installing the XP drivers for it, seems like its working ok I just wish they would make Vista ones for mine.

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