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Creative RW8432E CD-RW problems..



hey i have a Creative RW8432E, and it is 8x4x32 and i can read/write 4x-10x CD-RW.. which is gay. but i dont understand.
www.creative.com dont have XP drivers or 2k drivers.. any1 in the same boat ?
So I guess it's just not the support for sound cards it's all their products- they have real sh1tty support in the drivers department!

I just checked on www.creative.com and they don't even have a 8432E listed- all thats listed is a 8432 and drivers for the 2000/XP systems aren't available- if you try earlier drivers it wouldn't function properly correct?
well what is wrong with the drive now? I don't know about you guys but for most of my cd and dvd drives i've NEVER had to install a driver...in fact in XP the only drivers I ever installed were for my USB compact flash reader, my USB radio and my SB audigy, everything else it found perfect

so what is wrong with the cd drive, will it not read at all?


Well here is my problem. i can't burn on a CD-RW.. i dont know why says cant support media?? its a 8x4x32.. it supports cd-rw i used cd-rw a while back but not now?..

i think i found out my problem tho.. (which i never knew b4)
not sure.. but i think this is why :
There are 2 different types of CD-RW, Tere is CD-RW and CD-RW High Speed. (i bought the high speed) so i'm guessing thats my problem.. but i'm not sure??? is there really 2 different types of CD-RW ?
I want Halo!- is there a target release yet for the PC?

yo Q: please check out my new thread under, "Sound Blaster Audigy Gamer "Software/Hardware Setup" thnx

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ther eis no real diff between regular RW and high speed, highspeed is just certified that it won't mess up because your burner is too fast for it it should work fine low speed too

hmm if only your RW isn't working but normal burning is fine it sounds like a problem involving packet writing, have you tried to use a diff packet writer like direct cd or Incd and not just the built into windows one?


I tried Nero, wont write, it says Not supported media. i tried Direct CD and Discjuggler, Direct CD says illegal command ... CD is not writeable.
i tried different cds, with in 2 brands.. i dunno drivin me nuts

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