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Creative OpenAL Installer v1.9.9


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OpenAL is a cross-platform 3D Audio API designed to be used by games, music and multimedia applications. The OpenAL library enables the application to model a collection of sound sources moving in a 3D space as heard by a listener in that space. With extensions such as EAX, realistic environments can be created using environmental reverberation and low-pass filtering effects. But that's not all, the OpenAL API includes support for streaming and audio capture too.
OpenAL is a proven, cost-effective technology. Its ease of use, and robust features lead to its becoming a well established audio API that has been used in many commercial games and other multimedia applications (please see Shipping titles section below).
OpenAL benefits from having an active and supportive developer community. Engaging developers to participate in the API's specifications paves the way for innovations to happen at a faster rate than in most closed systems.
The number of platforms that are supported by OpenAL continues to grow, with a recent addition being Microsoft's XBox360 platform (please see Cross-Platform section below for a full listing). A new version of OpenAL, version 1.1, has recently been specified and has launched for several platforms, with the rest to follow soon.
If you are interested in a cost-effective, community focused method for adding 3D Audio with cross-platform support then OpenAL is your answer!
Introduction to OpenAL
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