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creative media source and itunes help


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i have an ipod and creative nomad jukebox zen. i have all of my music in itunes and i am trying to load up the music onto the zen. my problem is that creative media source isn't reading the track information on the itunes library. is there a way to solve this problem.
Creatvie doesnt support m4p or m4a so if your music is not in mp3 or wma you wont get it onto your Zen.

Also I dont think mediasource will import itunes details either. Itunes is for ipods and only ipods as far as apple is concerned.


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the tracks are listed as mp3 and windows media recognizes all of the track details, but creative media source won't recognize anything but the song's name.


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Here's your answer:

There are several versions of ID3 tags. Creative MediaSource currently supports ID3 v1.1. The ID3 tag information may not show up correctly in Creative MediaSource if MP3 files created with 3rd party encoders/players are encoded with ID3 tags other than ID3 v1.1.

If your MP3 files are created with iTunes, which saves the ID3 information in ID3 2.0 format by default, to play or organize these files in Creative MediaSource, you will need to convert the ID3 tags from v.20 to v1.1 in iTunes.

To convert ID3 tags in iTunes, go to iTunes, then click on the Library tab in the left windows, and highlight the MP3s you want to convert, then right click on them, select Convert ID3 Tags in the pop-up windows. Select ID v1.1.


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I just joined this group. I've just started using iTunes, but I like Creative Media's playback options. I've read all the postings and searched the web, but still can't get things right. I've converted all songs in iTunes to ID3 v 1.1, but when I check it again the ID3 tags don't show up. The songs don't show up in Creative either when I use the import function. Some iTunes songs show up as m4a or m4p format. Question: do I need to convert all songs to MP3 format first? The only option I am given in iTunes is to convert them to AAC format. Can I convert the songs in iTunes to MP3 format without having to purchase additional software? Just looking for help. Thanks.

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