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Creative Jukebox Zen (new) for sale


NTFS Stoner
its the usb 1.1/firewire 1 as advertised on creative europe, and im selling it cus i dont turn a bargain down & i got 2 of em when i saw the price !!!! and chance on another 3 if he aint sold em yet.


NTFS Stoner
well i could arrange it through the computer shop if you wanted, and the guy i got em off has acess to credit card machine as we dont have 1 at work.

works based in chesterfield, homes nottingham. u close?


NTFS Stoner
i could probably deliver it sometime this week (mabey tommorow as its me day off) cost about £20 in fuel if u wanted me to do that.
What kind of time as I will be in an Exam between 14:00 to 15:00, I could also do it with a check or something, which ever is easiest.


NTFS Stoner
well if u wanted to do it through work, i would invoice it as a shop sale, but work insist on cheques over CC limits to clear 1st :)

we got stung bad b4 :(
I think i can do this via CC payment and ship recorded delivery, im waiting on the phone call now, if its ok with him i will hook you both up direct, hows that ?
ok i will carry this on in PM and email, i will send u my none spam account instead of hotmail :), Andy sorting out the P+P costs for recorded delivery.
ok m8 all sorted, wrapped, packed and shipped by special delivery for 12pm latest. :) CC details passed with flying colours :) nice doin business m8

if anyone else wants 1 lemme know, i will see if theres any left, im trying to get another 1 here anyway, there a nice bit of kit when there half price :)

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