Creative is at it again


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Creative is now offering 4,5,6 GB zen micro players in various colors :p

And there is a zen micro fireware update.

* Improves battery life when the player is charged with an AC adapter already plugged into a live power outlet
* Improves touchpad sensitivity
* Resolves the removable disk detection issue after the memory space is changed in Removable Disk mode
* Removes extraneous sound occuring during playback of .WAV files


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wooooooooooooooooooooow Creative really doesnt seem to pay attention to what is going to happen to them. I dont think they would have gotten this far. To top things off the competition is getting harder and harder with Apple starting to push new lines (i.e. Shuffle and Photo). Lets not forget that Dell has that DJ thing (it looks sick ugly nasty).


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I still dont get their firmware update. Its dated for 18 Feb 05 but the version is lower than the old one? Maybe I read it wrong, but it does fix somethings that are currently a problem. I wont update mine till I can figure out what is going on.. :(

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Checking it out now, can't remember what firmware I have on it at the moment ... think it was the first 2.x firmware.

Needed to charge the battery anyway :D

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Ok, just had a look and 2.x was released for WindowsXP only.
Although I still need to update.

This is a new 1.x update for other operating systems.

As for the new models - great news - as it should drive all prices down :D


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I played around with a friend of mine's. It's actually quite nice. It looks a lot better in life than from those photos. It's a really good alternative to the Mini.
I would dare to say that its apple that shoul dhave sarcasm directed at it for the "oh so original" idea of a portable audio player as Creative was pushing them since 2000 atleast and apple jumped on the bandwagon in 2003/4?.

Creative is also a very capable hardware manufacturer - its just a shame their software isnt as amazing.

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Well I don't use their software, I just open up the music folder on my zen hard drive and copy the files in myself.
Course I could sync, but I have never been into that kind of thing.

Bigger HDDs is hardly a new idea, more of an evolution.
The Shuffle imho was a big step backwards purely cashing in on the iPod name (which just can't be mocked)


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yeah i saw this yesterday on ebay cuz im helping my sister get an mp3 player she wants to spend around 220 dollars and get at least 20gb so i told her to look at the dell 30gb and also an ipod from ebay thats an unwanted present or somthing


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Looks like another firmware update for those who dont use the 2.x firmware.


* Improves the look of the volume control bar
* Improves the appearance of the Lock icon
* Adds a 4GB option in Removable Disk Mode (for 5 or 6GB players only)


* Prevents battery drain when the player is charged with an AC adapter already plugged into a live power outlet
* Restores proper functionality after disconnecting the power adaptor or transferring content using Zen Media Explorer
* Redirects playback properly when skipping to the beginning of a WMA track
Its almost worth going back to the other firmware to get the 4GB removable media.

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