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Creative Inspire 4.1 4400



K, i recently purchased these speakers (Creative Inspire 4.1 4400), but i can't seem to get sound to come out of the rear speakers. I tried downloading the newest drivers for all my audio related hardware, but no luck so far. I'm guessing my computer's sound card (default for dell inspiron 8100 laptop) just can't do surround sound, but if there's a way to make it work, i'd like to hear it. My sound card is the ESS Maestro3 PCI Audio (WDM), and the audio plugs on the side of the comp have a pic of a mic, headphones, and what looks kinda like soundwaves with a line going into the middle. The manual says to plug the cords into the one with the sound waves, both of them if there are 2, but mine will only work if i plug it into the headphone one. Right now the front is in the headphone one and i stuck the back one in the soundwave one.


hardware monkey
the laptop only supports 2-channel sound. plugging the rear speakers into any port is not going to work. the port with "what looks kinda like soundwaves with a line going into the middle" is your line-in port... for hooking up cd-players or whatever. you only have one sound-out port.

if you want the exact same sound to come out of the rear speakers as the front, you will need an audio Y splitter.

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