Creative Dxr3 Drivers

Thank you very much for posting this...a lot of ppl have trouble with their dxr3 card in XP (I'm cool with the w2k drivers), lets see if this driver solves the problems...:cool:
thanks for that link man :) I've been waiting for this drivers since Win2k has been released since the w2k beta drivers never worked. I will tell you if this one works as soon as I tried it sufficiently.

You never tried the forcing installation of the H+ drivers then, this method must have made Creative think they could take there time.
I am really upset with Creative...

the XP driver they released is a resambled H+ driver with the Creative logo and it's the same build as the driver from Sigma Designs so there's nothing new. I have fully tested the driver and there are exactly the same errors as with the H+ driver. After installing them the system boots with a bsod and one of the following messages.




both error message point out an address conflict with a driver, the H+ driver in this case.

So this "new" XP driver is actually a really old one which doesn't work. The only thing that works is the previous Creative Beta driver for Win2000 but when I install the software (no matter if the old or new beta) the system just crashes with a bsod and DRIVER_IRQL... error messsages.

If anyone else has the same problems please compare your system configuration to mine (I only listed relevant components):

Asus A7V VIA KT133
Asus SCSI Interface Card in PCI Slot 5
D-Link DFE530-TX NIC in PIC Slot 4
Sound Blaster PCI 128 in PCI Slot 3
Dxr3 Card in PCI Slot 2
AVM Fritzcard in PCI Slot 1
Asus V7000 Dlx in AGP Slot

Please note that Slot 4/5 and Slot 1/AGP Slot share the same IRQs on this board. I tried the configuration with Standard PC (to prevent the IRQ 9 problem so the Bios controls the IRQs instead of Windows) and ACPI Power Managment but under both settings the same errors occur so it isn't an IRQ conflict but another address conflict with the Dxr3/H+ driver.

Actually I recognized that XP boots about 10 seconds faster when I put the Dxr3 card out of the system no matter if the driver is installed or not. I have no idea why that's the case since it should be the same when the card is in but no driver is installed.

Well, maybe some of you guys got inspired by my post and they're able to help me/theirselves and others :)

Good Luck with your Dxr3 if you've got one!

lol, I think it is very unlikely that Creative will fix any problems with the drivers because they have obviously just used the reference drivers released by Sigma, pretty much exactly what they did with the card itelf - slap a logo on it and sell it for more!
Well that was a complete and utter waste of time that resulted in a system restore operation.

I'm about ready to yank that DXR3 card and run it over with my car in the parking lot.

Creative product support blows dead bears.
In the meantime I found antother error... when the PC does not boot anymore after I install the H+ driver or the new Dxr3 driver I get a BAD_POOL_CALLER error instead of IRQL_.... But basically it says the same.

I find it amusing that a day later, Sigma Designs releases newer drivers, that telling Creative they should have to give a little before they can recieve :D Nice one Sigma.

I'll try those EP, the socalled "new" creative drivers sux, they're even worse than the earlier w2k beta drivers. I get no sound using the new drivers in the PC-DVD software that comes with the driver!
Btw, do you got the link to these drivers?

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