Creative Audigy 2 Platinum Problem


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I'm wondering what everyone thinks is best I do, A option: disable Creative Audigy 2 Platinum, and use onboard sound, until I save up enough money for a new case, since don't have the pci slot cover or 5 1/4 inch bay cover to cover up where the Audigy 2 bay thingy is. B Option: continue using the card, get new case, then switch to using onboard sound permently. (I don't think I want to spend $200.00 on a soundcard that mic goes within 2-3 years, got the card in october 2003, Creative won't replace it, unless I pay $40.00 plus shipping.

Mic is dead as a doornail on this card, doesn't work at all.

Any advice good, (already have dvd-rom and cd-rw) so nothing else to put in the 3rd bay at all).

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buy an OEM Audigy 2 ZS and plg the audigy2d drive into it...It doesnt need a genius to decide that.. you'll find creative's offer is the cheapest though..


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I taught the OEM One couldn't connect to the Audigy 2 Drive, I only taught the Platinum Versions could? Creative way is cheaper, but I just can't afford that, so it's either new card if shop has one, or new case and use onboard sound.. Which I might do sooner or later (use onboard) since if I need mic in an emergency I will do that.

But I'll see what local shop recommends to do also, since they built the PC, they should know some options that I haven't taught about yet.


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That's what I taught, so I guess will have to look at Platinum(ZS Model) or get a new case and stick with onboard my only options. If I had unlimited money, I might pay and get a replacement thru Creative, but I don't have unlimited money. This is the second time Mic port went on one of my soundcards--went on my old Value card, and then my Audigy card in another machine with 2 years. I don't know why it happens, but kinda nervous about getting a Audigy 2 ZS card too, since what if I lose mic again in 2-3 years. I would like a card to last 4-5 years like my Live value did.


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Well if i was really good at installing hardware I'd buy from bestbuy or Circuitcity, but unforuately I'm not that great at hardware, is why I have local PC shop do all my hardware installs.. since they know what they are doing, and won't see the tower on fire like I did some old AMD K6-2's I was trying to build back in 2000-2001. Had to have fire department respond to put out the fire back then. So haven't done much with hardware since then, once the cards are in my machine, I don't move them, haven't moved this Audigy 2 from its original slot in years, only thing I did put in was a new dvd-rom, and one pci slot fan above this soundcard, pci fan has been in for months though, don't think it caused this problem


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By The way, can someone figure out what codec my onboard sound it soundstorm or just below it, I have SPDIF output, Center Channel, Rear, Front, Line in, and Mic, on this ABIT NF7 2.0 Motherboard. If it is soundstorm, that's the sound I'll use forever, even if it means going to new case to use it, since I know I can't have big openings due to dust control and all.


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here is info on your board from asus

it is rare to burn out the mic connector and even rarer to burn two. I would seriously think about hooking your hot burning mic into this motherboard and killing the sound chip.

are you sure the mic input is dead? how do you know? what tests have you done? did you check that you do have the mic input selected in the recording mixer.


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I triped checked the mic input in soundmixer, I uninstalled all soundcard software and reinstalled, tested 6 headsets/mics, (no success with either one of them) So that is about all I can do for it, since I can't make the port come alive again. Just such an expensive card, and really need mic to use sometimes, and with it dead on this card, it's a pain

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