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Hello everyone. I currently have an Internet filter running on my machine to filter our any bad websites. Well, it's not perfect (nothing is), but it could be so much better. I came up with the idea to create my own filter. I have experience programming with Visual Basic (loads of exp. in mIRC, though it's not real programming). I'm willing to go to any limit to learn what it takes to make something that would be almost fool proof. My current filter runs at start up, restarts if manually shut off, and monitors all traffic through IE, Netscape, etc. So I want to write something that will do just that, and then some. My goal is to expound on what is already there. What entails monitoring IE? Let's say a website has 'gallywubshaddabing' and I want to block all websites that have that single word, how can I write something that would find out if that word is in the titlebar, address bar, or within the webpage itself? Any input on this would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you.
I don't think VB will cut it, it's just to darn slow. And I don't think this is easy, I think you have to "instert" the program between the Application layer (IE) and the Transport layer (TCP). I have no clue how to do that. :)


Henyman: Thanks for the link. However, I'm having the most difficult time trying to get it up. The site is not 100% clear on if this product will run on normal Windows machines (I use XP Pro). Do I have to set my computer up as a server in order to use this? I used one of my spare HDs and did the boot-up install. Then I went to install Windows, and it couldn't recognize the partition Censornet created. And when I did install it then rebooted, it asked for a login and password, but I never got the chance to fill any info of that sort out at all. I've looked all over their site and I'm getting nowhere (and frustrated, as I continually do when I try to get into anything dealing with Linux). Any suggestions you may have are welcomed :)


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Are you looking on how to code something that does this or are you looking for an application which can do this? If the latter, I believe proxomitron is pretty much the best proxy/filter out there.


Doesn't matter. If I can't find something that will do exactly what I want it to do, then I am looking to make it myself. I'll try that out. Hopefully I'll have better luck with it than with Censornet.


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:shrug: i have no idea how to set it up, all i know about it that it is really good filter + east to change.
I think the site is clear enough. Check the picture.

Censornet must be installed on to a
dedicated machine with to nic's."

So this is basically a Linux distribution specialized for content filtering it seems.


Been using Proxomitron for long while now. Allows you to set up yr own filters easily. Very highly recommend it.
Check out JD5000 website. I use his basic configuration with my own modifications..

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