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Creating a blog


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Windows Live writer isn't bad, and also has a client you can install to publish offline. Wordpress is also good but don't know if it offers that feature. I think Wordpress lets you e-mail entries in for posting though.


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Is there an easy program to create and edit and just upload?
With Scribefire and WordPress you do uploading transparently, so it is quite good, but I haven't yet found perfect solution for updating my WP-blog. Usually I use WP's own dashboard for writing new blog posts, Scribefire is bit tacky for creating longer blog posts.
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I like chyrp - works for me - need to know more about your comfort zone to give better informed advice though - basically if you can create a database and have a domain then chyrp will give you a one minute install and go, much more lightweight than the much vaunted WP ten minute install thing.

At it's current release I find it feature rich and stable too (unlike around version 2 RC1 when I adopted, which had a few holes).

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