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Create Installer question


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hi guys,

I saved all the MS Xp self-extracting patches into a folder. Now I would like to create a doubleclick selfinstaller with all these patches. What could I use to create this?

I tried a trial version of Create Installer and it only pretty much compresses the files together, but they will not install from there.



Tomorrow Tweaking Today
You already have the tool (included in Windows). IExpress' wizard will step you through the process. To use IExpress, open the Run box and type, "iexpress.exe".


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hi coathanger,

After creating the install package, I tested it. It only installed the first patch, not the others in the package. Is there someway I can modify this?


I made a 29 MB installer with the security updates built in ;)

Are you using all the right switches for the various patch types? There are three different file types that all use different switches.

Download Here
Thanks for the download link.:)

HandyBuddy: How do you get an invisible link in your postings?

File scanned with Norton Anti-virus, TDS-3, SpyCop, Ad-aware, Pest Patrol and SpyBot Search and Destroy and checks-out "A" Okay!:) ;)
No problem! Also, if you open my installer with Winrar, you can check out the batch file in it to see all the correct switches for when you make your own installations.


Overclocked Like A Mother
Great work, HandyBuddy.

I would like to be able to create one of my own installers like that.

Which program did you use? I really like that opening window that you used. I could easily see myself using it for other progs as well.

It's a feature built into Winrar--"SFX Archive". It's really easy to use (for script dummies like me!) :) I've used Wise for Windows Installer and it's a tremendous pain, but it has waaaay more options.

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