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Create DVD Movies And About Compression help

Hi all

I am Currently Converting A Divx File To Mpeg Using "Number 1 Video Convertor" this will take about 6hrs but is very easy to use, (anyone know a quicker but just as easy to use program) and i want to put it on DVD now i will do this using Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 However, i paused the conversion so at the mo the file is only 135mb but is only like 1% Through the conversion, anyway i went to see how much space this 135mb file would take up on the dvd if i put it on now and it said 4.5GB, The file is only 1% Done at 100% theres no way it will fit, how do i compress the file so small that the full movie that is being converted (600mb) will fit baring in mind the mpeg file may b bigger than the 600mb DIVX version.

If anyone Can name Better Software for the job let me know

Pls Help


i want to put the File on a DVD using Roxio Easy Cd n DVD Creator 6 so i can do more things to the menu etc, however wat format shud i convert the 600mb + file to so that it will
ive managed to convert the movie n get it on DVD however is there away to make muisc play on the menu Screen using Nerovision?


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I personally use VirtualDub, VirtualDubMod, TmpgEnc, TmpegDVD Author, and BeSplit (To Fix AC3) to do everything. All of them free except for the DVD author. A quick and easy app for doing things for you though is DVD Santa. Their encoder is a lot faster than TmpegEnc. Less than half the time to encode and burn.

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