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12 Dec 2006
Is it possible to restict a particular group to have access to one storage folder in which they should store their downloads? In other words, I created shared storage on server and now I want to set this folder as default. So I want first to map folder to user computers and set path to it for all users. Is it possible to do of this automatically?
Well basically you would create the folder, then use NTFS permissions assigning the necessary rights to that folder for the group, let's call it "ID10T Users" for the sake of discussion.

Depending on the amount of users probably depends on what direction I would take. If it is most, or a large majority, you could create a seperate OU and use Folder Re-direction - but that also depends on what folder you specifically want to re-direct.

Honestly, the easiest way would probably be to add a mapping to the drive for their login script and have them save their downloads to it.

What folder will you be using specifically? If it's the My Documents you can re-direct through GPO as mentioned, or modify the My Documents on each PC through the GUI or the User Shell Folders in the registry.

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