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create a program like tweakUI!



after all, i'm decide to create a program like tweak ui! i think it's more easy rite? what u guys recommend? use vb or java?
and can anoyone of u who have any idea bout this can assists me? especially those related to registry (tweak the setting)...

any info (website or even book) that can recommend? hope u guys can help lol ...
Easy? I'd say hard. I think you'll need some pretty good understanding about Windows mechanics the registry and Windows API. There's probably a fat book two out there that would be a good idea to read.

I don't think Java would be the preferred language, even if you probably could use it. VB or C++ is my guess.


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yeah it would be pretty hard, and i dont think even vb could do it cuz vb is very limited, ive seen what vb can do and cant do and basically cant cant do this, on the other hand ofcourse c++ can do it.


is it... but i just want to do those simple 1! not powerful like those tweak ui! mayb powertoys? (those that just change registry value?) any idea?
hmm... that's mean i'm gonna die...... **** but too late...
i already submit the title as my final project....
may god bless me :(


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just download a disassembler like windsm32 and open tweakui and change every thing that is visible from microft corporation to your name and hope ur teacher or whoever is grading it doesnt know about tweak ui and also chande the name completley so they cant search the net for tweak ui and find it and bust u:cool: :happy:


hmm... no..... too tricky!!
how bout those like security wizard?? hide the my computer icon, disable the right click button, ctrl+alt+del, or even the control panel button itself??

todae that lecturer said if i'm thinking of choosing this title, he ask me to add more features......(too simple he said)!
so u guys have any idea?? i cant change my title oredi... so may god REALLY bless me!!


I recon you should go with J++.

The ui stuff will be easy peasy and getting to the registry from J++ is a dodle.

If you need some help with accessing the resistry getting keys, values, subnodes etc I'm sure I'v got a few snippets of code that should be pretty easy to follow.

mail me henry.c@bigfoot.com.
VB can do most things, provided you link in the appropriate DLL files. Registry manipulation shouldn't be to hard. The tricky part is knowing WHAT to change. When you know this the rest should be fairly easy.


hmm... after the meeting with lecturer, he said that i must include more feature...

is it hard to add features like security wizard? i mean those like disable right click mouse, disable start button, disable access to my computer +++.... anyone? and anyone that i can refer to when i have prob?? thanks in advance!

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