crazy network problem


6 Jan 2004
Ok, i am in class today and my phone goes off... its the job, i answer.
apparently over the night, i guess maybe some kind of power surg or something and it rebooted the computers/switches/router/modem. Well then some of the boxes network card stopped working,
I try and login to the domain on some and it says "can't find the kipp domain"..
but this is where it gets odd, i can login to the domain on some.. the NIC says "cable is diconnected" in ipconfig and has the icon in lower right corner not connected. I can't ping any other box because the ipconfig says "no cable detected" or what ever, but how can i login to the domain and such although it doesn't reconize the cable?
then 2 of the boxes had ip's that looked bad without the icon in lower right so i hardcode the IP and it doesn't work..I reinstalled the drivers but that didn't work.. any other ideas? :confused:

None of the boxes have inet either.
yea i did that on some when we had extra's it worked, but was wondering if there might be another way or a reason why can login to domain server but not be reconized by windows after
IIRC, the authentication is 'cached' on the local machine in case you are disconnected from the domain...

but i think you can only login so many times after being disconnected from the domain. i've had similar experiences.
oh, bummer.. you have to get new NIC's? or another way around it?
well, in all the cases like that i've dealt with...the network drop was bad.

try plugging a known working cable into a known working jack...

if it doesn't work, you need a new card.

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