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Crash in the middel of a game

ok i have had this happen to me many times now and it is pissing me off. right in the middle of a game with a good about of action the game will crash on me, i this just started happening and i am now very mad. i reinstalled the sound drivers, got the omega drivers and installed them, new via 4in 1 and miniport drivers, and every once and a wile windows will freeze, i have physical checked the ram and did it one my one and it was still freezing on all chips, can some one help me fix this,

i once read that microsoft had put out a patch for the bug with amd proccesors and DX conflicting or something like that, dansome one tell me where the download is for that?


I've GOT the same problem. its a nv4_disp.dll fault

try to download the detonator drivers 27.42 (last know GOOD nv4_disp.dll) and only over-write THAT file at the set up!

problem solved.

if not

Try to install DirectX 8.1 for win98/ME (in compatible-mode)
or DirectX 8.1 for win2k

problem solved

if not:

Switch your grafic-card in the shop where you've buy it.

hopfully i've helped you:p -thank me later-

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