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for cpu-z when you click on the memory tab and under FSB:DRAM if it says CPU/10 what does that mean

running athlon 64 3000+ with 1 gig 3200 ram if that helps


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its your multiplier...

I am assuming its showing that because of your ondie mem controller...

play around with CnQ and you will see @ stock clocks it is you mult... @ max downclock it is /4...


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ok that's cool I was just wondering cause on some people's screenshots I've seen it says FSB:DRAM 1:1 meaning they are running at the same speed...so since the mem controller is on die it will show something different for my setup?

did I get that correct?


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okies.. basically the fsb on a64's is supposedly == clock speed... obviously your mem clock is not going to be == your cpu clock :) hence the mult...

cpu clock/mult == fsb wrt memory clock...

thats the simplest answer I can give you :D

on other systems that have a regular northbridge you have the cpu running with X mhz fsb and the mem clock @ X mhz as well hence 1:1 ratio... or if the fsb of the cpu is higher v/s the mem clock than you have a different ratio (I assume)

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