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CPU usage with winmodem



I have one of those piece of crap winmodems, but it gets the job done. Actually for 56k it does really good, i download about 5.7kb a sec with it.

But anyways, i was tinkering again (as ussual) and noticed that when I am downloading the modem was using 30-40% (steadily)of my cpu. I know the winmodems are software driven and were CPU hogs, but ding dang that seems kinda high.

Just curious of what others are getting for cpu usage when downloading and if it is a "real" modem or a winmodem.

Since I am getting dsl next week, i would also be interested in what % of cpu the dsl modem runs at. (I would think this would be fairly low).

I have a 1 ghz AMD T-Bird and a Diamond Supra 56k Winmodem

Oh yeah... to check CPU usage, right click on the system clock and choose task manager. You will see the usage there.

Thanks for any inputs.


You are correct in what you say winmodems use your motherboard's CPU instead of their own chips to run, slowing your system down and causing your games to lag.

Winmodems are stripped-down regular modems. Some of the data processing load that a regular modem handles is deferred to the CPU by winmodems. This reduces the production cost of the modem, but introduces some problems. The thing that coordinates this data transfer is the software driver. If the driver for your modem is written poorly, you will experience connection problems. Check the web site of your modem manufacturer for driver updates, as well as firmware updates.

Another factor for winmodem users is CPU speed and CPU load. If you're using a 56k V.90-compatible winmodem, you will want to have a higher-end machine, such as a Pentium-II, Celeron, or K6-

2. Having a whole bunch of applications open while using your winmodem could also affect your connection. This is due to the winmodem's dependence on the CPU.

Weak machine + Winmodem = poor gaming. So please, just steer clear of Winmodems if you want to ever do some online gaming.

I would get rid of it :(


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