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CPU usage problem

When ever there is an input of any kind (keyboard, antivirus, explorer) My CPU usage sky rockets....I ran NAV 2004, adware 6.0, and hijack this....all to no avail....I am thinking the is virus/spam related....but have been unable to pin point where.....any help? please and thanks
I have uninstalled everything....the last thing I installed was a HP 3520 inkjet printer.... still the CPU usage goes up for nothing (moving the mouse over some icons)

it was fine before I installed that printer....the printer worked fine....but on every boot it would prompt me for the cd....but I got the ones from their site....this is really frustrating........ :confused:
I have had experiences with printers taking up 100% cpu when they are printing...only when they print tho, your problem might have stemmed from this.

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