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CPU Time has gone Mad?


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Alright, I just noticed this on our Exchange box that is running on Server 2003. The CPU Idle Process Time is incrementing by 4 seconds. So instead of going from 1 minute 5 seconds to 1 minute 6 seconds, it jumps to 1 minute 9 seconds, then 13 seconds, then 17 (there is no delay between the time count, so it's not sitting there for 4 seconds and then updating, it's incrementing 4 seconds of time per each second in real-time)...Has anyone seen/heard about this? The 3 PDC's are fluctuating between 1 second and 2 second increments, but this one is jumping by 4! Can't seem to find documentation on this anywhere. It's got me a bit worried as the server has been acting a bit flaky lately...



Are we there yet?
How many CPUs are in the box?

I am betting there are 4.

4 CPUs doing nothing, 1 sec per processor x 4 = 4 seconds.

I have a dual CPU box that counts 2 seconds of idle time for every one second clock time.
Idle cpu time is nothign to worry about :) Means the CPU isnt doing anything.

If its flaky you may want to investiage and repair your exchange datafiles.

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