CPU Temps?

I just upgraded from a P4 1.7 Ghz with an intel MB to a P4 3.2Ghz with an ASUS P4P800 E Deluxe MB. I used Motherboard Moniter occasionally with the old one, just to see what kind of temps I was getting. They were REALLY good, compared to what everybody on here usually posts theres at. It was 27-33C kinda range, with two 80mm case fans(1 side + 1 rear), where most ppl on here post 37-45C if I remember right.

The problem is, is that my new cpu is at 43-47(depends if the window in my room is open) at idle, and up to 57-63C under load. As soon as I'm done my game, or what ever I happen to be doing it drops back down almost instantly. I'm just worried that I'm doing damage, because the little "warning" sheet that came with the processor says that it wont operate correctly above 57C.

I got a new case along with the CPU/MB, that has a 120mm fan in the rear and a ventilation tube type thing that lines up over the CPU fan, to suck in fresh air. I dont see anywhere else obvious that I could put another fan(that would make a difference. Could put one in the top of the case, but I think my PSU (intake fan) has that area covered.

I dont think this is a problem of airflow, as everything cools down almost instantly afterwards. Would a third party heat sink/ fan help, or thermal compound help, and if so how much do you think it would help.

Thanks in advance


P.S yes I change my MB model in MB moniter.


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sounds OK to me - then again I am running an Athlon XP3000+ here that is currently clocking in at 63oC :eek:

Fact is these chips do not fry until they hit 70 or 80 or higher and they also feature thermal protection that I KNOW works because I have seen my new AMD64 system shut itself down OK when the temp rapidly took off towards 80oC after I made a voltage change :eek:

So I would say your readings are always suspect unless you rig your own thermistor etc and even then you have to allow for where you are taking it - since you cannot get onto the die only into the heatsink....

In summary - relax and enjoy your faster processor is what I would say....


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well you have to look at you have doubled processor speed which will generate more heat. but i would not worry about it at all. if you are using the stock cooler swap it out for a better one. there are many on the market, that will help improve air flow in the case. also take a look at your wire management. if you have wires all over the case they are going to reduce the airflow in the case which will keep your temps high. also look into a new thermal compund. radioshack makes a great one although i think alot of ppl here might diasagree. artic silver is the one that always gets rave reviews all over the web. so if you want to be safe get artic silver. if you want better thermal compound in general, then radioshack is fine. the radioshack item # is 276-1372 A.
Good luck and let us know what changes you have made, and how the have affected your problem.

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