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3 Mar 2004
Hey there folks, just a question about cpu temp ideals and such.

I'm running a Barton 2500+ at stock speeds and currently will sit between 37 and 50 degrees with 50 being the highest I have seen after running at 100% usage for HOURS on the hottest day of the year.

I am considering overclocking my system to get some extra gain out of it and wondering what would be considered a good area to not stray out beyond for the temps on it.

Well for myself personally, I wouldn't let my CPU go above 55C. I even have mine setup to shutdown in the event that it does. Supposedly you can go as high as 70C but I wouldn't do that unless I could afford to go buy a new mobo and processor
Bartons often lock up intermittently above 52-54 degrees C.
Reasonable overclocking is likely to add another few degrees, resulting in a need to for added cooling from such as Coolermaster / Zalman etc fans.
Been running my 2500 Barton at 184 FSB for the last 6 months. No instability, no BSOD, no quirks. I only get a few degrees increase from the overclocking. I seem to be cpu limited not thermally limited. With the temp range you mentioned you should be fine.

Keep the max temps under heavy load (gaming, folding or burn in for 45 minutes straight) in the low 50's (55 max) to avoid cpu life degradations.
My avg temps tend to run at about 40 degrees even.....37 if my room is a bit cooler, 50 if very hot. Idling my comp runs at 33 degrees
A small desktop fan or improving rear case ventilation also often helps in warmer weather.
Nah, I already have a desktop fan and a large bedroom fan circulating the air....those temps I talked about on hot days were the peak heat days this summer and you melted even in shade or a pool

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