CPU Temperature


Bon Scott

What is normal working cpu temperature ???
For Athlon Thunderbird 1400.

Mine CPU Temperature is 79'c/172.4'f

Is this normal ????

Unless your temperature probe is broken, I'm suprised that is hasn't burned up yet :(

Get a LOT more fans, and a bigger heatsink/fan

Yeah perfectly... if your computer is in a baking oven!

70 = burn out temperature for AMD T-Bird... u sure yours is @ 79C ?

MdSalih - Currently next to a heater.... and amd T-Bird 1.4 gig @ 45C :D... the secret is fans... i have 4 internal and 2 external (as in those big room fans :D)
This is what i sugest...


It might just do the trick :)

:( GEE:(

What a hell I should do now ?

Temperature probe ain't broken....
Mine mobo is at 47'c...is it burning out too ???

I do have recomendent fan for athlon thunder 1400,
and should spin around inside there....

I need some advice here...

:confused: :confused: :confused:
Go to wherever it is you go to do your computer shopping and get those fans. Get off the system until you solve that heat problem... seriously. You cure the CPU temp issue, your other heating issues will follow suit.
I'll do it today LONMAN


I'll let you know.

Kind Regards
are you using asus probe to check your temp? If so ensure to bump what it reads against the actual bios temp. I have seen some posts before in another forum about the asus probe software being inaccurate. my probe software works fine though, that was just something i remember seeing before.

Things to try to see if temp is inaccurate:

1. I would imagine if it was really that hot, the left side of the case very hot around the cpu.

2. open case and see if it feels heat radiant on the inside.

I run a 1ghz tbird at 45c with case closed and 40c with case open.

I would definately get some more fans, i have 6 fans including cpu and power supply fan in my case.
I have an Athlon XP 1800+ with a Dragon Orb 3 and 4 case fans and my temp is 34c idle and 40c full load. But without the case fans it was 43c idle and 50c full load. So as you can see case fans make a huge difference. :cool:
d00d! 79 degrees centigrade?! are u sure? how are u sending us this post? from another comp? do u get a lotta windows errors? like unable to find xxxxxxxx or insuffiecient memory? and Salah, that is the sickest rig I ever seen :p
Thank you all for your replies...

Makes me really happy to see so many of you trying to help me,
That's really great !

Here are some answers,
Windowsxp works just fine no bugs at all !
No wrong messages or what ever....
Thats maybe wierd at cpu temperature 79'c ?!?!

Well I bought me a new cooling fan, Silverado Noice Control,
the dealer told me its the best one used by " Overclockers ", so I trusted him.
Its a high performance cooler with 50 grams pure silver disk and dual radial fans ( 2 x 3250 rpm at 12v ).
And it didn't solve my problem,
CPU Temperature dropped down only 5'c !!!!!
I've got to tell you those 5'c cost me about 100$ !!!!
Can you believe that ????
My old cpu cooler fan ( a cooler master 5000 rpm ) has a price of 19.00$, and did the same job !

Well, I opened the case and left it for a while,
I was surprised....CPU temperature dropped to 53'c !!!!!
And when I opened my back door it dropped to 48'c !!!!
Hahahahahah, I,m freezing !

So, I guess I really have to mount some extra fans on my case,
Or I'm gonna burn my babe......

My Babe :

Asus A7V 266 jumper free ddr 266MHz
Athlon Thunder 1400 266MHz
Silverado Cooler
512mb memory
Asus V7100 GPU Graphic Card
Sound Blaster Audigy Pro
SCSI Controller LSI Logic
Intel PCI Ethernet Adapter
Asus DVD Rom E616
Philips PCRW 1208
WD Hard Drive 40gigs 7200
WD Hard Drive 45gigs 5400

All this on Windows XP Pro Corporate

That's all Folks....see ya:)
Ouch on the c-note. Cool that you know what the problem is. Just leave er open til you get the fans i guess. At least now you don't have to worry about it going 'blip/fizzzz' and not being able to play no more.
I know what your problem is, judging from your location. I have herd that it can get quite hot in Hell. I am not sure if a case fan is going to help. Sounds to me like you need water cooling, or wait till Hell freezes over. lol
u guys add so many fans in the system. do u guys all connect the fans to power supply 12V ?

if so, how to make sure whether the power supply withstand so many fans? how to i know whether it is beyond its current or wattage limit?
There is some super-techincal way that you can estimate how much juice each device will take. My suggestion is to get a high quality, largest wattage power supply that you can afford. Something from say Enermax or PC Power and Cooling should be able to handle a large fan load. I have a 120mm, 3 80mm's, HD cooler, chipset cooler, HD cooler 3 X 40mm, a BLORB and a YS-Tech 60mm 40 cfm fan with 3 HD's, CD-Rom and a burner, GF2, and 512mb of memory and I have had no problems with a my 350W i just got. I was running a 250w before and it worked fine, just got the 350W for piece of mind.
1 more thing. If i do remeber coorectly shouldn't temps be better with the sides on your case IF you have propor airflow? ;)
rofl, look at that pic with the fan, you should really just get some artic silver thermal paste and that should work, i used it on mine and it dropped it from 150F average to about 115F average.

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