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CPU temperature


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hey...my cpu temperature is 42c...it never really drops below 40 and goes up2 about 50+, my dstairs pc is a lot worse, it was about 57c when i last checked,,is there any way of cooling it down without spendin money, (have taken case off)


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Hum try cleaning up the CPU Fan and any other fans you may have in there, could be full of dust/gunk. Also clean up any other dust lying about. Also try to tidy up any lose cables you have in there.

Fans are cheap though, only like £3-4 or somet and also consider buying round IDE cables there cheap as well. Check www.ebuyer.co.uk


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You fans will most likely be running at 12volts or 5volts (yellow wire is 12, red wire is 5), check that but best bet is to add more fans. Also is the PC in a crampt place, e.g. a cubourd (spell) if it is move it were it can get good air flow.


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Try moving it were it has air flow, if you can't (for room looks :p) keep adding them fans I feel it's the only way, you got good thermel compound on that like artic silver 5 for CPU or just a pad?


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that white paste stuff on the cpu b4 the fan was put on...no idea what its called...but yea i kinda need to rearrange that..if not ill get sum fans in..


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Great, as long as it's not a thermel pad then that's good, tell me how it goes. If I think of anything more ill let you know.


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Some systems have side panel fans that are fixed to exhaust air and rely on airflow for intake.
Reverse it to blow in and you get an instant cooling.

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