CPU Temperature?



What is a safe level for my AMD Athlon XP 2400+ to run at?

Its currently running at about 32 Degrees.. Is that safe?
yeah thats a very safe temperature
you could double that & it wouldn't bother it

Mine runs at around 45-50 degrees (Althon Thunderbird 1000Mhz)
32 degrees is deifintely a very safe temperature... mine 37~42
A ggod average from many sources seems to be 45-50C with upper safety net of 60c.
Will run @85 -90 if pushed according to statistics.

On Athlons ( I also have 2400+ ), room temp /outside PC ventilation is also important.
My particular problem is too much proximity between PSU cables and CPU fan. and not enough room vent. thus temp of 48C.

I presume you use 350w PSU or higher?
I run my 2100+ Tbred B @ 2.04ghz stably at anywhere from 42-51 degrees. Never had a problem...any highed (o/c) and i get some memory dumps =\
Originally posted by RogerPhillis
A ggod average from many sources seems to be 45-50C with upper safety net of 60c.
Will run @85 -90 if pushed according to statistics.

very real but don't let it reach 60 even is safety . My thunderbird ( 1.4 ) which were even on the most hot proc. top list haven't reached 60 .. huh ..

I will also add a new & efficient cooler .. :rolleyes:
my warning sounds @ 50... :)

my rig rarely comes even close to 40C now that I have a GOOD heatsink going :D

and yes... the zalman really makes a difference :D

a whole 5-7 C drop from my volcano... and I am only using the lowest settings on the fan..
I personally wouldn't like to run any cpu over the 55C mark. People say all their temps, but to measure how good someones cooling is, they are really irrelevant without an ambient temp. CrAsHeRKiDD, is that a load or idle temp? I'm guessing idle :)
thanx for the reply's everyone its put my mind at ease ;)

And to the person who asked what PSU i was using... 450WATT :D
Just something i'd like to point out to everyone...

Make sure you are looking at the right temp reading.

I have 2 CPU readings.

I got a temp reading telling me its running at 32 degrees but i also got another reading telling me 53... i'm more likely to listen to the 53 to be on the safe side :/

Just make sure you can find out which is the correct temp on your board.
yes its a flaw in the asus bios, the 53 is a true reading from the CPU socket diode, the 32 is about half of what it should read.
Hmmm got the same thing on my Soltek DRV-5 (KT333). However: both BIOS and MBM give me 40°, yet Sandra is detecting another diode saying 50+°. And then MBM interprets that same 50 that Sandra sees as -50, which is, obviously total crap. Nevertheless, there something rotten in the state of Denmark here.

Something else: I found my temps have risen ~2° since I replaced my MX440 with a Ti4200. Also, I don't like the fact that when my room temp goes up 5, so does my proc temp.
well a TI kicks out a lot more heat than a MX card, so thats why you gained 2 degrees, if ur not happy, fit another case fan to compensate..

and i have to say, of course the cpu temp will rise at the same rate as the ambient temp... its basic physics mate. if the air going in picks up by 5, so will the CPU unless your using some form of advanced cooling that dont rely on ambient air temps.
Oh well yeah, I wasn't saying I was surprised at the increase due to the change of vid card. I mean, I expected that. I just mentioned it because we were discussing what influences computer temps :confused:

I just didn't think proc temp would rise at the same rate as outside temp. :eek: Thought the heatsink/fan would compensate partly .... But it's indeed basic physics. Guess that means our friends operating comps in tropic areas are really screwed huh? I mean, If you got outside temps of 35+ all the time their CPU's would be 10° hotter than mine? (25° right now over here). Or maybe watercooling is the only option over there. ;)
Anyway, because I don't have a definite temp reading (I'm not too sure what too believe), I'm keeping my case open right now. Not really a good idea in the long run is it?:eek:
Yep, being in the tropics in summer kinda sucks when you've got a 30C+ ambient all the time. Good air cooling and case ventilation is the only way ;). It's ok though because it's winter now. Don't worry too much about leaving your case open, mine is all the time :p just be ready for some dust...
Per AMD u can safely run at 80-90 C
Mine is at 49CPU 30Mobo on a stock fan (hoping not for long)
I think mine should be a better temp since i have like 7 fans running in my case
silky, per AMD your chip will burn up at 80-90C :) Those temperatures are the limits of the cpu, not a safe operating temp :)
I think mine is at 100...believe me you dont want to touch the case.Yesterday I got the PSU burned
I say if you hit 60C for a short run thats ok but should be lower than that as a rule .... All cpu's are different but still 60C I would start to find better ways of cooling my rig :)

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