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Cpu Temp

no, windows xp doesnt come with that feature. you can check it in the BIOS (depending on your motherboard, most newer ones have this feature). I personally have a prog called Motherboard Monitor , I have it working with Coolmon to have the cpu/case temp refreshing constantly on the desktop.


Gigabyte have "Easy Tune 4" on their CD for this purpose, dont Asus have something similar on their mobo disc or website ?
yea ASUS has asustemp or something like that but I prefer mbm5 because you can link it with coolmon and have the stats directly on the desktop. Incidently, you can also use MBM5 only and have the stats on the icon taskbar (by the time)


What temp should the CPU run at? Or range of temps would be better I guess since I am sure they would not all be the same.


It is stock. I had to replace my motherboard so the pad thing that was on the heatsink kinda go messed up. I am betting that that might have something to do with it.
yea, what u want to do is get yourelf some Arctic Silver III thermal compound and slap some of that between the heatsink and processor, but be careful, read the instuction correctly.
ps: yo only need a thin layer of it, you should have plenty of it left over. I try to re-apply it every 3-5 months or so. Applying it should drop the temp considerably.


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HMMMmmmmm I'm happily running MBM, but less than happily getting a readout of 80 up to 84oC on my Athlon 1.6.... is something wrong here? I'm trying to find out if MBM is picking it up right and also the chip spec.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Look hard enough and you can find limits..

Took me quite a bit of reading, but eventually I found this in an AMD paper for my Athlon...

Socket A-Based Processor Specifications
Table 1, Table 2 on page 4, and Table 3 on page 4 list the
thermal specifications of the socketed AMD Athlon and
AMD Duron processors.
Table 1. Socketed Processor Specifications for the AMD Athlon™ Processor Model 6
Symbol Description Max Value Notes
T die
Maximum die
temperature 90ºC
Total die size Die size 129.26 mm 2 Includes L2 cache
A core Core area 105.72 mm 2 Die size not including L2 cache
Form factor Heatsink form factor PGA PGA Socket A form factor
P thermal Max processor
thermal power 72.0 W Required supported power

Which came from this document - here - so the only question I have now is if that MBM readout I get is the die temperature - because if so I am getting as close as within 6oC of the limit AMD recommend! This worries me - although I have never had a failure yet I seem to be running so much hotter than anyone else!

And I am not overclocking anything! Only idea I have is that it is low profile case - but it does have in/out fans plus PSU fan....


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Originally posted by bigdingding
Wow i am goin at 74C and running a XP2100+ i think thats bad
time for a pc service, or a new heatsink and fan unit, 74 C is above what 99% call a safe temp zone :|


I run an Athlon XP 2000+ which idles (in summer, mind you) at around 62 degrees Celsius. Seems a bit high, but if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

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