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My 1.4 Athlon processor runs at between 50 and 58 degrees C, is this hot enough to warrant buying a new fan or am I worrying over nothing? Cheers 4 your help :).


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Just a basic one at the moment. Using the VIA hardware monitor, I get temps of between 50 and 58, but it also reckons my system is running at 31 which is reckons is 9 degrees to cold. Is this VIA monitor to be trusted? Cheers for the help.


50 - 58 is fine.
You should of seen mine after a local shop put my pc together. Aparently it wouldnt need a new layer of thermal compound on it (dumb azz's). It was running at 70 to 78, eeek.

So, i bought a new fan (THERMALTAKE VOLCANO 7+ VARI SPEED) and some thermal compound (ARCTIC SILVER III COMPOUND). After reading the instructions of both web sites and deciding to have a go I went for it. Mission succesful.

I can now choose the operating temperature, and 50 - 58 is fine. I can have it at 42 - 45 but its a bit loud and i like to hear myself think.


temperature XP1800+

Hello...i ahve been worried about my temperature of my system.
I am using Asus A7V333 mobo, and AMD XP1800+ (Palomino). Using the Asus Probe software, my cpu temperature is always quite high around 55C to 65C...at times it rises to 70C which causes instability. May I know what is the problem? The cooler i use is GlobalWin's TAK68 (Dual fan). it is noisy too.

so, do u think the problem lies with my cpu or cooler? my mobo temp is around 40C. i have installed extra fan to help to ventilate my case.

Please help with ur suggestions.



i dont know of the fan you have named but it may not be working properly as it is not in perfect contact with the processor. I would recommend a volcano 7 and some thermal compound (which you put in between the processor and heatsink).

This might even it up, although, when your processor goes up to 70 it isnt that which causes instability. Its your ram. As it is close to your processor it is getting overheated on max work load temps.

At least move your modules as far back from the cpu as possible and one setp better would be to buy an active memory cooling kit (thermaltake do a good one). Then you wont get blue screens of death all the time.

BUt your need to buy a new fan as the dual one aint any good if it lets ur cpu get up to 70, and some decent thermal compund applied correctly and this should sort out your temperature.

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