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CPU Temp Rise



I have a A7n8x deluxe and xp 2400 with stock heatsink, fan. I just build it lastnight. My cpu temp is around 48. Im thinking that's high, I put silver thermal paste. Is this normal if the computer if just build or is it running too hot ?


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With the stock heatsink and fan? You're doing fantastic. I was at 53 C with the A7N8X Deluxe and an AMD 2400+, but using the standard thermal pad.

I don't think AMD's stock heatsink and fan is that good, hence why I switched to a Swiftech heatsink and Thermaltake 80 mm fan. I'm at 38 C with that.



so around 50 is not that bad with stock sink and fan. I think im using a cheap CompUSA sliver thrmal paste. WIth a "real" sink and fan the temp should be lower ?


That temp is about right , the higher ther AMD processor rating above 2000, the higher the operating temp.

Also the silver paste takes approx 48 hours to settle down to level temp.
Try a higher rated heatsink/fan also as suggested.

Would worry a bit if went above 55 degress after this.

The documented highest temp sustainable on AMD XP+ processors is 90 degrees, but I wouldnt like to test this.


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it's hard to know if your temps are high since every board manufacturer builds their boards differently and any number of conditions can give you a wrong reading than what is actually being endured by your cpu.

here's an idea. have your temperature monitor running and unplug the cpu fan. watch your cpu temps rise until your comp locks up. remember what the last temp was and there you have your absolute maximum. if it was, say, 62° then you know to do whatever you can to keep your cpu under about 55°. if you locked up at 38°, then you know your thermal sensor isn't position correctly or is simply way off. in which case you make sure your cpu doesn't get above 35° or look into troubleshooting the sensor problem. ;)

not to mention if your cpu locks up at 62° and you've had 10 fans running in your case to keep it under 40°, you know you can do without a few of those and save yourself the airport runway experience. :D

i seriously doubt this method would cause any harm to your cpu. it would lock up way before it would fry.
Originally posted by taurus
i seriously doubt this method would cause any harm to your cpu. it would lock up way before it would fry.

Since you just built the system, i would not recommend this, especially not before you make sure the heatsink is seated correctly, and the interface is of good quality. Sure this may not do any damage to your system, but is it worth the risk, and if the heatsink doesn't work that great, the heat won't be dissipated very quickly after the system locks up and it may stay at a high temp for a few minutes until you reboot or find out that you actually did fry something... that wont be good...

so the best recommendation would be to check the amd website for specs on your processor, they should be there...


I dont think i want to try it without a heatsink. It reached about 60 once and the cpu still didnt freeze, so i guess it has a high level of "pain" so to speak. And from what im hearing from u guys 49-52 is about right for a newly build computer with stock heatsink. Im not too worried yet cause the cpu will shut down if it gets too hot. So ill se what happens for the next 2 or 3 days. Planing on buying a new heatsink fan


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Originally posted by silky62678
I dont think i want to try it without a heatsink.
no heatsink? now that would fry your chip most definitely. i'm just talking about disabling the fan until it locks up... then plug it back in.


Im just going to get a new heatsink,fan, and get antec thermal paste and not CHEAP compusa themal paste


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My AMD 2100+ withthe Thermaltake SLK 800 heatsink and fan keeps my system at 41-54 under full load. (I run SETI full time so my system is always at full load). My CPU temp is always 9 C less than the case temp. With the stock heatsink and fan my system would get as high as 70C.

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