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CPU Setup



from the very begining i have not put any kind of goo on the top of my P4 mainly because their was a little black square of what maybe a heat transfer element on the bottom of the orginal P4 heat sink.....

i was just wondering if i could use that gel stuff to aid in cooling or will that hamper the black element on the bottom of the HS

other than that the CPU is find with temps at low: 35 high: 48 celcuis... are these to high???????:confused: :confused:
andrea9540: Those temps are fine. If you decide to use a thermal grease use Artic Silver III. It is an excellent choice although, a bit pricey. Also, make sure you remove the black heat transfer pad from the heatsink and remove any residue before applying Artic Silver III to your nice Pentium processor.

Catch23: Stay out of Pentium related discussions due to your lack of processor knowledge!;)


Get your self some denatured alcohol and a few cotton balls and clean them up good, and rember dont touch the contact spots after there cleaned, oils from your hands on there is bad, and rember use a very thin layer of thermal paste, to much will insulate the HS from the CPU and make it run hotter.

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