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CPU overheating when running MS Money


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Every time I run MS Money 98 or 2000 my AMD Athlon 2000XP processor tempreature jumps from 49oC to 56oC, at which point I close MS Money down. As soon as I do that the tempreature goes back down.

Any ideas why and how to fix it?

I was looking for a program I used to have which helped cooled the CPU down. Can't remember where I got it or what it is called. Any one?
well 56C ain't to bad of a temp really, it ain't going to hurt the machine running at that temp.

The cpu is under load runnign that program so of course the temp is going to rise.

no worries


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Well the thing is I can play games for hours on end and it never goes above 54oC. If I were to leave MS Money running for some time I am sure it would continue to rise.


I wouldnt start to worry until it hits 60c, and even that is actually acceptable. Now if it hits 70c then you can panic.

What type of fan/heatsink do you have on your CPU? if the temp really bothers you you can put on somthing like a volcano 9 and some artic silver.


Well according to the reviews you have a good heastsink. What type of thermal compound are you using? You may want to check that the heatsink is mounted properly.
How's your case ventallation? the reason I ask is I have a 2100+ that I'm overclocking to 2200+ and my idle temp is 44c and under load it only gets to 49c.

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Normally under load it never goes above 54oC, talking about games like Splinter Cell running for hours.

I have 5 case fans, so ventilation is not a problem. It only ever goes above 55oC when running MS Money. Right now I have had MS Money open for 30min and its running at 62oC.

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