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cpu overheated


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i have just had my cpu fan pack up and the computer shut it self down so i fitted a new one. but my comp will not boot up .there is power there but nothing happens. will my cpu be dead or is there any thing i can do as i cannot afford to replace it


When you turn the computer on, is the fan running? Is everything else in there running? And what are your specs?


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Originally posted by taurus
do you hear any beeps? you try clearing the cmos?
give that a go. and if you hear a number of beeps post how many. also is the heatsink installed properly and are you using thermal grease or pad.
What kind of processor? If it's an AMD does the MB have a fast thermal shutdown.

Loss of the fan may be survivable.

If the heat sink was off (like a broken clip) survival chance is 0.

Survival chances are supposed to be better with a P4 than an AMD but from posts I've seen in here I wouldn't bet my processor on it.


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If it's an AMD does the MB have a fast thermal shutdown
In major cases this should help cause for example mine was set from default to 125degrees C. ;) . As we all hope kev59 - try your cpu on another system and you'll find the answer alone :eek:

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