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28 Nov 2004
I just wanna know how to find out when I'm pushing the CPU too hard. I have successfully turned my 2.4 into a 3.0 with no side affects from what I could tell. Any help from the overclockers out here would be great.
I'd say as long as the heat ain't to high and it's stable it should be ok. One thing you could do is get something like cpu burn in to see if there is any cpu error's at that clock.
The BSOD is the first indicator you went too far. Back it off a notch.

The second is thermal run away. Keep track of your cpu temp as you increase the speed. It should go up about the same amount with each speed step. Say 1 deg C per 60 mhz. When you have gone too far it will start going up faster. That's time to back it off a notch.

When one of the above conditions are met (either one can occur first), run aquamark or sisoft sandra burn in with Cache & Memory, Mul;timedia and Math turned on. The temp. should stabilize about 3-5 degrees higher after about 10 minutes in both cases. Keep the max. temp. in gaming, benchmarking, etc under 55 deg C (lower if you can manage it without going deaf from fan noise). Also, if it BSOD's during burn in set it back a notch.

My system is great on temp. but BSODs right around XP3000 (2.16 gig).

Do not over clock video cards, they do not like it!
What do you mean by BSOD's? Also, could you supply links to third party software you suggested I use, for some reason google is dead for me.
BSOD = Blue Screen Of Death .. you are a windows user right? :p ok and you can get aquamark here and sisoft sandra here.
Xie said:
BSOD = Blue Screen Of Death .. you are a windows user right? :p

Hehe, I am. But I haven't seen one of those since November 2001
Xie said:
lol your not "using" it right then :p

Nah, it's probably because I keep "crap"-ware out of my system. Most major errors are caused by hardware problems (not an issue here since the laptop is built for XP), bad drivers, or shoddy software. The OS itself is rarely the culprit. Anyways, I shouldn't be hijacking this thread, so I'll stop at that...
Yeah of course I'm a Windows user, just never seen someone initialize blue screen of death. I was just playing Far Cry and all the sudden very laggy everywhere then it went away then 20 minutes later again. I then feel the side of my computer case and almost too hot to touch, guess it's time to turn off the space heater. All that warm air recycling inside the pc I'm guessing.

Anyway Thanks for the help guys :D
heh i overclocked my 2.6ghz to 3.06ghz, not a single problem, dont have to touvh fan, and if anything, cpu is cooler... its great! thing is i accidentally had it underclocked to 2ghz before that, hehe oops...
Hey Vert. Wrong. I am listening to songs. Pat Benetar FIre and Ice. PS thanks for the reminder. I had my firewall down and forgot to put it back up.
I just recently set the clock multiplier to 173 which was 3.11GHz and games like America's Army would crash everytime I tried to start it up, but the temperature was like 120 degrees farenheit. So I set the clock multiplier back to 163 which was 2.93GHz and everything is running smoothly with the cpu temperature at 134 degrees farenheit. Guess my cpu temp isn't too hot or I would be crashing right?
Or we could subtract 32 from the 134 and multiply by 5/9...

Which gives you 56. If that is during gaming I would not go any higher. If that is at idle I would start dropping the speed down until my max temp was 55 deg C. CPU failure rate is an exponential function of temperature. Keep it cool and you keep it alive longer.
Even ppl in the US have agreed to use Celsius for computer temps .. though for anything else (or any metric) they will go down fighting it for some reason. :)
Ok well right now the temperature reads 60degreesC/140degreesF. Currently ripping CD Music and I usually keep my room warmer than any other part of the house, because thats where I am most of the time. Guess I'll be trying the multiplier at 153.
Look for random lockups on any activity after first few minutes, and also system rebooting @random.
Have pushed a Barton 2800+ to 2225mhz.... will run higher but with such problems.

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