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Recently found a problem that baffled me.....

Computer keeps turning off after a while.

Top of case (PSU) is hot to touch, but cools rapidly if the case side is removed.

Added an extractor fan to the back of the case and system is stable again.

BUT.... The BIOS reports a CPU idle of somewhere around 57, seen it as high as 60:eek: . Rather not think about it at load :(

Is the PSU on the way out? If so why the hot CPU?

Is the CPU on the way out? If so why the hot PSU?

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Good grief Charlie Brown
If you had heat trouble in one area it could be a heat problem with the cpu. Try a better fan if possible on the cpu. If the psu is OK after a new fan maybe it will be good for the cpu as well.

If the problem returns & it keeps rebooting go here & turn that feature off. Right click my computer/properties/advanced/startup & recovery/settings. Untick auto restart. If it happens again you will get an error popping up telling you what is going on.


hardware monkey
sounds like you're just having generally high temps. if you have a location for a second rear (exhaust) fan, definitely put one there. and maybe think about replacing your heatsink or at least the fan on it.

what type of heatsink do you have? how was it applied?


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could you please post the specs on your processor as well as the wattage (and brand) of your PSU.

okay, nevermind about the CPU, I see it's an XP 2000+

what kind of HSF do you have on that? did you move the case around or anything, have you reseated the HSF recently?

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