CPU load temps...



Hey guys...

I have an Intel P4 2.53ghz...At idle temp it's 30*.

I just installed Quake 3 the other day and when I play my temp jumps up to 45*....is that normal?


Nick...it's actually a Thermaltake Volcano 7+, it just seem rather extreme going from 30* to 45*.

Nick M

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Even still. 40s and 30s are normal temps. Now when you're playing a graphics intensive game, the load increases, CPU usage, ram useage etc.

My AMD runs 39c with a Volcano 9 and Cooler Master Thermal compound when it's been up and running for a whole day, and around 44c at full load.

Don't worry about it :)

If you want to, you can reapply the thermal fluid, and remove and attach the heatsink, just to make sure all is in it's right place.

Nick M

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and as for the Volcano 7+ itself, it's a really good and reliable cooler, I installed one for a friend the other day. Make sure it's running at top speed, and it's mounted on properly. That thing is a monster, nice and heavy heatsink :)

Nick M

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and just to make you feel better, my AMD ran at about 70c for um...two months or so, untill I figured the CPU wasn't going to fry ( wanted a newer one ) so I got myself a Volcano 9 :p :D
My Pentium 4 at 2.4 GHz runs at 44C when idle, and 46 on a full load, so yours is fine. I found that kind of odd though since it's that hot while it's doing nothing...


Eck...see that's what concerned me...not necessarily that the temp was too high, just that it increased by 15*.

Your idle temp seems awfully high though.

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