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CPU Heat Problem Under Control


Quazatron R6 droid
Just through I would post an update to my last CPU heat problem post (which I can't find, go figure - and yes I did do a quick serarch :D) - it seems now to under control, but I had to put in a fan sucking air out of the main back vent and a Card fan in to make sure extra cooling was in the box.

Its the last time when I get a new system I go intel, I tell you :D

So thanks for everyones help on the issue, if I could find my original post I would award +rep points :D


Quazatron R6 droid
OK, thanks kcnychief.

I don't always have time to engage with OSNN community so I didn't know, so the info is useful (and +rep for you) - more of a high planes drifer like that :D

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