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--== babyface ==--
Hello ...

I have an Asus P3 Socket 370 board and naturally I installed Asus PC Probe just to provide a basic monitoring system on the temperature and fan of the system. No overclocking or anything unusual and everything set to be normal. Using normal and original P3 Intel fan but find the strangest thing in Asus Probe is that the CPU fan is stopping occasionally. A check on the hardware itself reveals that the fan is still moving as normal despite as reported by Asus PC Probe. Version used is the latest version downloaded from www.asus.com.

Any idea please? ;)


--== babyface ==--
Yeap .. checked to make sure everything is the latest .. funny thing is now the indicator indicates that the fan is not moving at all when the actual fact is that its moving .. temp of CPU is around 33'C though .. is this normal for a non-overclock P3 1.0Ghz?
its a problem with the software, i had a problem like this on an A7V266-E. the fan never stopped, but the probe said that it did. if the fan plugs into the PSU, make sure that the monitoring end is pluged into the correct part of the motherboard.

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