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I had a lot of free time, and I was putting together a computer for my parents, which is basically something to surf the web with, when I came across a cpu fan that was without a heatsink. I looked at the CPU fan on the Celeron, and compared the two, they looked the same. So I got two large screws and put the two together, and put them on the heat sink. I'm wondering, is this just a waste of case space ( and its a small case, an old emachines compact thinger ) or will this help keep the CPU cooler...not that a 367 MHZ Celeron needs a lot of cooling anyway, but still, I'm curious.


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you got a very stupid idea.leave it like before.guess you dont have a hmonitor chip and that kind of experiments need to be checked if you go higer or lower -temp.or maybe you study aerodinamics.best regards


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it maybe helps a little bit. but the added noise and power required just really isn't worth it. especially on a 367mhz celeron! }:p

but suppose you have a high-end system that needs lots of cooling... i guess you could get 2 somewhat quiet fans and do that and probably get 10-20% more airflow than just one... but i don't know about noise. i'm sure it'd be better to just get one higher-speed fan.


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i remember my 300amhz celeron back in teh day overclocked to 450mhz with nothing more than the stock heat sink and a 40mm cooler master fan..... that was a slot processor

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