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cpu diode temp



well i just bought a thermaltake a1000a case and it has a fan controler with a hardcano. Now the temp on the front of the case is reading 46 degrees C. I installed mobo monitor and it says cpu diode 192 degrees C and cpu socket 24 degrees C. Now my cpu isent smoking and I am not freezing up. I dont think 192 C is my temp of my cpu diode and i am not sure what is causing this i thought it might be the cpu temp sensor for the hardcano but i am not sure. So what do u guys think it is? Also when I 1st installed mobo monitor I had alarms going off and then i turned off the alarm (i dont think perminently) and then restarted and the alarm dident go off.
sounds like you don't have motherboard monitor configured correctly. I had the same thing when i first set up MBM. After some quick configuring i am good to go.

oh your cpu would have melted long before reaching 192C.


well im using motherboard monitor 5 and then when i use the asus probe because i have a asus mobo i get cpu temp 38 C which i assume is the diode? and on mobo monitor 5 i have cpu diode 192 C and cpu socket 24 C

on mobo monitor 5 i am pretty sure i configured it right i put in my brand and model of the mobo so i dont know whats wrong.


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the 192 will be a ghost temp from an unconnected sensor, such as a psu monitor. have you been on the mbm forums and ran a search on your motherboard, i did with mine and it was listed what sensor was for what probe :)


yeah i got it i loaded some .ini file on the mbm forums for my mobo and now its reading 45 C as the diode temp. thanks

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