CPU Cooling Software is it a Myth??


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I have seen some software such as cpuidle that claims to reduce your cpu temperature at idle upto 10 deg C is this true and has anybody had experiance running this program or simular ones.
(The software must be compatible with XP Pro SP1, Athlon XP and Nforce 2 Ultra)

Cheers :)


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not sure...

my cooling is hardware incorporated (cool n quiet) and adjusts everything per performance requirements/heat output... so it adjusts constantly...

if you want to run cool... keep your fan's rpm's @ max...


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I use a program called VCool. It is only for Athlon cpu's. It works with Via and Nforce2 chipsets. It is GREAT!!! It cools my cpu (Athlon 2600) from about 42C to about 32C on a KT400 board and from about 52C to about 38C on a KT600 board. I do a lot of video encoding which really heats up my cpu. VCool makes a really big difference in cpu temp even when the computer is not idle because it shuts down the south bridge (i think) when it is not in use even though the other bridge is in use. It seems to work better than any other cpu cooler I have tried.


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indyjones said:
-Sazar so is mine i have Q-Fan technology on this
cool n quiet is different from any other tech for cpu's :)

it automatically regulates clock speed as well :cool:

only thing I can say is keep fans @ max... zalman makes a cheap fan controller... use it to perhaps daisy chain your fans and control the speed with that device... and move the knob to max...


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cpugeniusmv i tried it but did not really get anywhere...
Any hints and tips to get the best out of it? what version do you use as well??


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cpugeniusmv ahh what cpu do you set it to do you use motherboard monitor and set it to your cpu die temperature?? Also I set mine to C2 cooling and it came up with a message saying not recommended I have an Nforce2 Ultra board....
when selecting C2, you will always get that message on any board...but i've been doing it for quite a while and haven't had any problems.

you may encounter audio problems if you use the onboard sound, in which case just select "Fix Audio"

as for setting the die temperature and setting the CPU...the options in the picture are the only options presented to me.

i don't use mbm5


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indyjones said:
Tried Vcool and it does not work :(
In order for VCool to work on most computers, you need to enable the idle loop and set the cool bit. Here is a screenshot of my settings. Note the temps and fan speeds in the on-screen display. I consider that a pretty cool operating temp.

Good luck.




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i installed vcool and it jst came up with a message saying that it did not support my chipset as in 1.8b and the 2.0a did not do anything.....
Dubbin1 said:
Thats all going to depend on the type of case, HS and fans that you have. Also the room temp will make a differance.
A range maybe? I know the actual temp will depend on all of these things. Just wondering what the general recommended operating range is? I'm running around 54c


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indyjones said:
i installed vcool and it jst came up with a message saying that it did not support my chipset as in 1.8b and the 2.0a did not do anything.....
It's possible that VCool will not support your chipset under any circumstances, which would be truly unfortunate. However, version 2.0a is pretty effective on mobos not supported by 1.8b. You need to experiment with setting either the cool bit or halt detect to see which gives you cooling effect. On my KT600 board, the cool bit did nothing, but the halt detect worked very well. The downside to version 2.0a, and the reason i switched back to a KT400 board is that you need to manually reset all of your options and mini-windows (on-screen displays) every time you reboot. It was still better than not having any good cooling option.
Problem with these cooling programs is that they only cool the CPU when it is idle. They do nothing for load temps. This causes more expansion and contraction when the CPU gets a load placed on it and then is cooled off again. I have read several times that this expansion is more detrimental to the life of the CPU than the temp itself. After all how important is idle temp? What you really should be concerned with is the load temp and unfortunately these programs do nothing for them.

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