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CPU cooler

hello all, i have just finished putting together my new computer in which i installed a thermaltake CL-P0092 SILENT 775 cooler. currently the temps are around 43c while ripping a cd. i was wondering if i should swap out the cooler for the thermaltake big typhoon (or perhaps some other recommnded cooler?) or whether i should just leave it with the current cooler. any help is appreciated. by the way my specs are:

intel pentium d 930 3.0 ghz
gigabyte 945p-pro mobo
antec neohe550
corsair twinx 2gb 667 mhz
gigabyte GV-NX76T256D-RH with the silent pipe
creative x-fi SD
thermaltake shark
logitech g-15
razer copperhead

again thanks for any help.


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i would always want my cpu to be as cool as possible. if your bugdet allows i would get the scyth ninja. it is the best air cooler on the market and should keep your cpu pretty cool.

edit: get some artic silver 5 thermal paste for whatever cooler you decide to go with.
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thermaltake sonic tower.
i tried running one of those calculation intense ..seti@home / aidss@home applications... but the temperature got up to like 50°C. Normally I am at around 28°C. Mind you, i never mounted on the optional fan to the unit.. its just one huge mother of a heatsink.. ive posted pics somewhere in these forums before. I bet I could toast a slice of bread in it, thats about how big it is... no one can bribe me with reps to do such a thing, not even guys with 262 power scores. hehe
scyth ninja is one of the highest ranked right now. Then the Zalman 9500. After that I'd have to say I like my Thermalright XP-120 on my Opteron. I stay at 28-32c idle.


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yeah. Gigabyte does make some pretty good coolers, but they're not really the more silent of the bunch. i actually just bought the Zalman CNPS9500 AM2 that i plan to put to good use..... probably get it installed tonight.
i've been looking up reviews on the various coolers suggested, but i haven't found many of the temperature being cooler than what i'm getting from my current cooler. i was also looking at the cooler master hyper6+ which i've seen my current processor run at 23c idle wih it on.
i din't think 43c was bad until using the cooler master hyper 6+ on another computer and finding out that its temp was only 23c at idle, seemed significant enough to where i thought my temps were a little high. they are both using the same processor as well and thermal paste (arctic silver 5) only difference is the hsf.


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There is a difference between idle and load temps m8.

You can't compare your temps with another at idle. And you also have to consider the temps of the location where the system is.

My cpu is at at least 95% load at all times and it runs at about 40C constantly. I use a zalman cooler as well for my cpu, it is the 7700 CU. Cool enough for me but you have to ensure you have proper clearance around the proc.
this might sound a tad rude..... but wow.... someone really likes forking money into Fatal1ty's pockets. hell.... i probably wouldn't buy a Fatal1ty piece of hardware if it were the last line of that piece of hardware being made. all you seem to get is the same performance of it's identical Zalman counterpart..... but red colored.

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