CPU cooler...



I just installed my 1.4gig Thunderbird 200mhzFSB...
And got it to 1.54gig with a GlobalWin WBK38 heatsink and fan...

I was planning on running over to Coolerguys and getting a 80mm adapter and fan but saw a review saying not to... Too much airflow for proper heat transfer... And mentioned a 60mmx60mmx38mm fan... I don't know if I can stand the noise of a a 8000rpm fan...

Basically I need heat sink suggestions... Good ones less than the the $35.00 I was going to spend on the combo...

I shoul've mentioned, cpu temp 109.4f avg 116.6f peak...
i dont know how much it cost where u live but here in canada the VOLCANO 7 is 35$ so not very expensive and i does a good cooling job. one of my friends has it.

if u really want Good cooling power try the swiftechs there the best.. but "harder" to find.. i have the thelmatake sk-6 : copper cooling> expensive but better... i still wish i had found a swiftake though lol :p
I personally love the therlmalright heatsinks like the SK-6...www.thermalright.com..but the heatsink alone is 35bucks, but hey it's pure copper so if it ever comes to scrap metal time ya can trade it in heheh
i got to ask... why overclock a 1.4ghz cpu? especially to a 1.54? LOL very little gain for big big risk!
big risk nah not really.. i just upped the fsb a little bit, my componants can take it :D

speed my friend is the reason i oc`ed this pc lol.. cause i wanted the 1800+ but the damn cpu was 440$ when i wanted to buy it and i needed the upgrade(couldnt wait) so i bought the 1700+ and oc`ed it to 1800+ levels :D

i saved 200$ lol and now that goes for my gf4 lol :p
viva el speedo lol u got to do what you got to do , espacialy to save money :D

and btw my sk-6 cost me 64$$$ here in canada sumthg just cost more..damnit! sniff sniff its not fair!!! :mad: lol
but it was worth it.. pure copper, delta fan ... adda little bit of artic silver and voila you`ve got urself some cooling power lol ;)
I've been checking some reviews and the cooler I have now does'nt seem to be that bad... Not exotic but not bad either...

Honestly, @ 1585mhz I got the "IRQ not less or equal" Which I normally get when it's just ran too high... So a "better" cooler might now help...

And why overclock a 1.4mhz... Just because... There's no explanation... I swear I can't even tell the difference between the 700@805 T-Bird I took out... I don't play games...

Guess I'll have to spend more time running Photoshop and Cool3D...
I can't tell the difference between my P2 400mhz and a P4 2 ghz...except its a heluva lot slower :p
You want to overclock ????


Koolance PC2-C kick ass case......... comes with the water system.

Water cooling system.............

Kicks ANY fan cooling out there.....

Actually Famine I've decide to go with a Bong system... :D...

I bought almost all of the parts tonight... Just have to get a Mag pump and The Z4 AquaSink...

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