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The Analog Kid
16 Mar 2002
Looking for a very quiet cooling solution for AMD FX-60. Right now I have Zalman 7000B-AlCu. Think this will be good enough to provide damn good cooling?
I have the all-copper version of the Zalman 7000B cooling a dual-core Opteron 165, overclocked from 1.8GHz stock to 2.7GHz, and it does just fine. :)

I'm not sure how the AlCu version compares though. The temps will also depend on the airflow within the case, so make sure you have a couple of low-noise, high-CFM 120mm fans installed.
Coolermaster Centurian with 80mm in and 120mm out. Should be decent airflow.
i use the scythe ninja ..its a monster w/ 120mm 21db fan ... which you dont have to use ..the passive cooling alone is better than the supplied cooler with your fx60.

FYI ..i use the fx60 as well ... and ambient system temp went from 47c to 42-44c ..havent tested loaded yet because of a problem with too little of power supply.

that temp is with 2 8800gtx's and 4 150gig raptors in a silverstone tjo9 dream machine case.
If it weren't for the massive size of Zalman products, I might have considered getting one. Right now, I'm using Thermaltake's Venus12 or whatever the model is called. Got controller for the fan too to keep it quiet. :)
i have to correct my last statement .. ambient system temp now is 38C and full blast it gets to about 44C. Thats even oc'd to 2.8 per core.

I'm all about this ninja cooler ..its big ..and it isnt flashy ..no led's ..no flashing lights ..no UV ..but it rocks.

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