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CPU and Power Supply problem...



Hey, I have just recently bought a new computer that includes an AMD Athlon XP 2100+.

My first problem/question is what temperature is normal for my CPU??? I usually get temperatures between 55C to 60C. I personally think this is way too high, that is why I am concerned. I read somewhere that the heat sink that comes with the processor isn't to great. Would buying really good heat sink make a Hugh difference??? What about water cooling??? Also my motherboard's temperature is around 30 degrees C.

Also my second question is about my power supply (p4-300w). I heard from someone that a good power supply does not allow the voltage to fluctuate that much. My power supply fluctuates in the decimal places. Is this normal or is something wrong??? Should I get a more powerful power supply??? I would greatly appreciate it if someone could answer these questions. Thx

Comp Spec: Retail Parts
AMD Athlon XP 2100+
Asus A7V333 /raid
256mb DDR SDRAM - OEM (does this matter???)[/IMG] :confused:
Diamond Viper V770 Ultra (TNT2 Ultra) -upgrading sometime later
SoundBlaster Live X-Gamer
Quantum Fireball AS - 20GB 7200rpm
Case - PX-W Mid-Tower


I had an A7V333, and it does read the internal diode of the cpu, so you're getting the true temp. I had a Volcano 7, which despite with a 1900+, and I couldn't get the darn thing down from 55 idle and almost 65-70 load. I tried the original goo on the bottom of the heatsink, some performance stuff, and also some radio shack stuff. Temps never went down at all. Stayed in that range. However, my new board runs much cooler: 46-52 with a stock AMD cooler. The guy told me that the A7V333 has problems with CPUs running hot, and I've even heard that the reading that you get can be a bit inaccurate? But don't take my word for it.

And yes, I cleaned and reseated the heatsink about a million times...turned out to be a bad board. (But not for that reason, the southbridge corrupted data, badly. I couldn't get the darn thing to boot)


I would recommend that you have a minimum of 350W power supply for XP1800 and upwards especially if you start to add extra devices, HDD, CDRW, DVD etc.

I would also recommend fitting 1 or 2 extra case fans so that the system is kept much cooler.
2 extra fans is better, this way you can suck in air from the bottom of your case and blow the air back out at the top causing a good airflow across your Mobo.


and always better to have more out than in coming air:)

or you could just get a vapochill


I'm getting an Xp 2ghz + soon and I thought that given the
smaller architechure of these cpu's that they would require less voltage than an Athlon and thus produce less heat?
Or have I got my wires crossed?!:(

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