coverting vmx file into iso


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8 Jul 2002
Hey all,

Wondering about something,

I got an VMWare image file (.vmk) of Debian Etch 4 Server setup in my VMPlayer.

I am wondering if I can create a bootable iso from this image and install directly onto my Server HD.

Does anyone if this can be done?


not too sure if something like acronis could do this if the file format was supported
a vmx cannot be converted to an iso.. nor can the vmdk file. The vmx is just the config file that vmware uses when running the computer. The vmdk is the "hard drive" of the machine. You could use a disk imaging product to create an image of the actual virtual machine..

Basically, you treat the virtual machine just like a regular machine.

If you want to do a V2P (virtual to physical) migration, a disk imaging product would be the route to take.
Ah, I see what you mean,

Image the vmware image and load onto bare metal after, ah-ha.

Should of thought of that,

Thanks a million!!!!!!!

you will have to deal with driver issues.. possibly some blue screen issues and missing ntldr depending on your partitions on the primary server (requiring a need to edit the boot.ini). May also still need to inject a driver for a RAID controller and such..

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