couple probs

Perris Calderon

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first, the quick link is great, but view new posts should have it's own link

also, when entering a post, the first "next feild" needs to be "submit"

right now, when I hit tab, the next feild is "no icon"

switch that to submit post pleez

thanx in advance

these are little things, I know u r busy, so when you do get the chance


Having problems with the "new posts" link. Usually I have just this site, the new posts open in Opera, set to autorefresh. Used to work good. Now it seems it doesn't add new threads, it only updates threads that were there when I first open the page.


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yep gettong the same in firebird with the autoreload of the TBE extension. it just keeps on refreshing the page you are viewing and not the getting the newe posts as it did...

Perris Calderon

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also, in the old vb "new posts" as a favorite, if your browser was set to look for new versions "automatically" the link somehow never used cache, it was always a fresh load.'

now it's a cache hit, and needs to be refreshed.

Electronic Punk

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It could be a known error, and fixed soon I am not sure.
Jelsoft are working very very quickly to get rid of any remaining errors!

Perris Calderon

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well, my problem was self induced

I took my address from the browser address instead of from the link in the button.

got my prob sorted


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Well Im leaving work now. just had one quirk. I got logged out when I refreshed the page. seems to be fine now. Keep up the good work guys, see ya tomorrow.

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