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Look At the Picture below (mainly the arm and gun). Sometimes entire rooms, floors, cielings, walls, other people, etc start to look like that. It happens on and off. Some times it looks OK, sometimes sutff starts to look like that. Any suggestions for stopping it?

first off what kinda cid card do you have? and second wall hack cheat are known to do this.
get the latest versio of cs, if u havent got it laready, also update your vid card drivers.
Unless you're using a hack, or wack drivers, its a heat problem. Overclocking may result in this.

I experienced the same effect when I overclocked the memory on my card too high (which resulted in a heat issue) and causes visual impairments.

1) Matrox Millennium G450 (not overclocked, latest stable drivers)
2) Legal CS 1.5 Retail (the CS by itself, not the mod installed over HL)
3) No overclocking (Video card or CPU/Bus)
4) No Wallhacks or cheats
5) CPU/Case temperatures are normal

Its never done this before until now. Everything worked fine up until about a week ago

I used to get occasions where my images in ANY games would become like zebras... but that was on my old machine...

it turned out it was the nvidia card I was using... the heatsink fan on it had somehow become loose and was slipping off... not covering the heatsink like it was supposed to...

I stuck it back and it was fine after that...

make sure all your heatsinks/fans are working well and that your GPU has enough air circulating around it...
I agree -- this is probably a heat problem, although it also looks like it could possibly a sign of video memory gone bad or overheating.
Your screen capture is showing video artifacts. This is a sign that there is somehting wrong with the video card. Time for a new one. If you have a few hundred dollars to blow get the Radeon 9700 when it is released. It blows away any card on the market.
its not a hack its the video card itself... Matrox Millennium G450 I know a couple of ppl who have that same texture coruption problem with that card... your quite lucky.. theirs are worse than wot you have.... they have total texture coruption all over the screen.
Buddy had the same problem with a GF 4400, I was going to look at it...then it just died.

Your video card is probably on its last leg. :(
I didn't but it. Got it free from a friend (it was better then the 4MB video card i was using)

Originally posted by JJB6486
I didn't but it. Got it free from a friend (it was better then the 4MB video card i was using)

Now you know why. :p

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