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Counter-strike Time!


F@H - Is it in you?
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why not have a single server or server group that we frequent...

a friend of mine has a good server and I can mod it... just need for you guys to say yes :)

he should not mind... server is not normally full...

that way we won't have to keep scrounging for ip's...

also once I fix up my old rig I MIGHT run it as a server but its a slow l'il mofo :) will have to try it at lan party over here before I consider...


F@H - Is it in you?
Staff member
Political User
heh.. he is reworking server... setting up so it works mohaa/rtcw/dod/cs all at one time... its a linux box... its down for now... will post ip when its back up...


My clan has two servers, public and private, they are offline for a couple of days for a hardware upgrade, but when they r back ill ket u know ip's. I have full admin of them and they are not **** shared servers. Both are on the same server, but its a dedicated box plugged straight into a major UK ISP's backbone. dunno if you americans will have any lag problems with the trans-atlantic link! but they are nice servers...and since kids have gone back to school, they are often empty.


I wish i wasn't at work. Although i'm sure my machine here could handle CS i'm pretty sure i wouldn't get away with playing it.

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