counter strike SLOW DOWN!!



Ever since i installed XP ive geen getting major slow downs in counter strike. Before in windows 98 i would get frames per seconds in the 80's and 90's range, now i can still get there but when the action starts they jump down to like 20 fps.

I even have the lates drivers for my video card which is a Hercules 3D Prophet 4500.:confused:

any one know a way to fix this?

i love XP but i also love counter strike dont wanna give one up beacause of the other...
You have anything running in the background? You running OPENGL or D3D? Turn off your vsync if you have that option. If it's a Nvidia based Vid Card get the Nvidia Refreshrate Fix. Set it to your moniter recommended Hz at the res you run.
Counter strike

I am running XP and Counterstrike. I have not noticed any alsow down at all. it is mostlikley your Video card and XP maybe? i am running a AMD 850 Slot, 712 meg ram, 32 meg GR force2

Good Luck

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