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Counter Strike Server IP Problem



I have my own cs server it is running AdminMod, CSguard 8.0, Chicken mod, and Statsme. Everthing is working fine but my server goes through the router and the server is using my routers ip address which is . is not my IP address. My friend says that i have to go to my linksys settings and forward my IP address... is that true??? if yes how do i do it and if no.. how do i fix it???
I need to get the server up to the public ASAP Thanks ~Sup


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Hi Supplicium:
Please only post your question once, the other thread was deleted as it was a double post and had nothing to do with applications.

Yes you have to. It's done in the router's settings. Read the manual. It's normally called "port forwarding" or "virtual server". is the internal IP of your server. should be the internal IP of your Linksys router. Your external IP is either set in the router's settings (if static IP) or given to you everytime you connect (if dynamic (DHCP)). Your friends need to connect to your external IP. You need to forward the ports CS uses to you internal server IP (


ok u better try using DMZ feature, that will disable the firewall for 1 computer, completely exposing it to internet. in your router setup game find it and DMZ that computer. if that doesnt work, there might be something in the server that u can further adjust? also port forwarding could work too, but i think it's limited to sertain amount of ports so it's better use dmz. good luck


Thanks guys for the help but im still having trouble. Im not sure that i have the correct settings in my Router right so if anyone knows what i should have settings wise please tell me. Also, in my hlds.exe shortcut i was told to add 1 of these: (niether of them worked for me)

C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\hlds.exe -game cstrike +ip 24.(my internet ip).170 +port 27015 +maxplayers 8 +map de_dust2

C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\hlds.exe -game cstrike +port 27015 +ip 24.(my internet ip).170 –noipx +maxplayers 8 +map de_dust2

C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\hlds.exe -game cstrike +port 27015 –noipx +maxplayers 8 +map de_dust2

does anyone know of a diff. config.?

Also, i need a detailed step by step way of configurating my router and counter strike... im a n00b when it comes to networking crap.

Also, does anyone have any other ideas that could fix my problem?
Well port 27015 should be forwarded on TCP since that's the one you're using. Why you need to use +ip i don't know. But I'm not an expert on CS either.

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